Slip Sheet Versus Wooden Pallets

  • Replace
    The cost of a Slip Sheet is 80% less than a standard wooden pallet.
  • Reduce
    Less weight + Less volume = Less waste and less pollution from trucks.
  • Recycle
    Slip Sheets are 100% recyclable

Slip Sheet Handling? Slip Sheets Are Handled Mainly by Push-Pull Attachment

A slip sheet is a thin, pallet-sized sheet with two channelings, which are extended parts of the slip sheet specified for easier manipulation. The slip sheet is handled using what we call the Push-Pull attachment, a device that is easily attached and removed to and from any standard fork lift. This process of slip sheet handling is also known as palletless handling.

Production? Eltete TPM Offers High Quality-Kraftliner Slip Sheets

Eltete TPM manufactures slip sheets of the highest quality. Eltete slip sheets are made of multi-laminated kraftliner boards with a wide selection of thicknesses to choose from. The multi-lamination of slip sheets makes the product tear-and-moisture resistant. Eltete TPM is an experienced and well-known supplier of Slip Sheets in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Read more about Eltete TPM

Savings? Slip Sheets Reduce the Cost of Transportation by 10-20%

Generally the cost of a slip sheet is around 80% less than the cost of a wooden pallet. Slip sheets save weight and storage space in the truck or container. This allows companies to decrease the cost of shipping by 15%. A Double-stacked slip sheet pallet saves more than 30 cm/m2 in height and 24 kilograms in weight. Stop wasting money on wood and space. Start using smart solutions. Start using slip sheets from Eltete TPM.