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About Eltete TPM Ltd.

Eltete TPM Ltd is a global carton board refiner and one of the leading producers of 100 % recyclable transport packaging materials and solutions in the world. With headquarters in Finland, our quality and product development is based on almost 50 years of experience which is converted to meet the needs of our customers, helping them to operate in a more productive and sustainable way.

Our group members and partner production sites can be found globally and our sales network reaches over 60 countries.


About the project Slip Sheet Eltete.uk.co

The project Slip Sheet Online will provide society with more information about slip sheets. The Website slipsheet-eltete.co.uk should provide enough information about palletless handling to its visitors. The visitors can get free calculation of savings with slip sheets handling, the possibility to arrange free demonstrations of palletless handling in their company and the option of online communications with our team.

Code of Conduct

Eltete TPM‘s code of conduct is based on a system of principles, values, standards, and rules of behaviour that guide every action our company makes across the board. We want to take good care of our customers, employees and partners, and will always respect the rights of the communities and employees affected by our operations.

Our activities are in accordance with good business conduct and proper marketing ethics, and we will always respect the rights of our fellow man and the environment.