Stationary Pallet Changer

Shift goods from pallets to slip sheets

Stationary Pallet Changers Transfers Goods From Wooden Pallets to Slip Sheets

The Stationary Pallet Changer (SPC) is a fully automatic device. The SPC transfers goods from wooden pallets to slip sheets. SPCs have a loading platform and hydraulic faceplate, the same as a Push-Pull attachment has.

How the Stationary Pallet Changer Transfers Goods from the Pallet to the Slip Sheet

The goods and their wooden pallet are placed on a loading platform. The wooden pallet, size 1,200x800mm, is fully secured on the platform by metal spikes to prevent it from being pushed off. The Push-Pull forklift, along with a spare slip sheet, is then prepared to be loaded. The slip sheet is squeezed between the metal L-profiled girder of the loading platform and the flat forks of Push-Pull attachment. Once everything is in place, the faceplate on the SPC automatically starts transferring goods onto the slip sheet. In a matter of seconds, the goods will be safely transferred and ready to be handled by the Push-Pull forklift.

Advantages of Stationary Pallet Changer

The stationary pallet changer always makes manipulation more efficient. It increases handling speed and reduces damage that is sometimes caused when transferring goods. The SPC increases the safety of employees and has standard safety features like the safety circuit CAT3/PLd, a safety cage, and an adjustable distance limit for the receiving range of its remote control.