PallRun® made by Eltete

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Eltete TPM Ltd provides its customers with environmentally-friendly and cost-effective transport solutions.

PallRun® is a transport and packaging element from Eltete TPM Ltd, which helps decrease transport and purchasing costs. Using of PullRun® can easily and quickly reduce costs for packaging and transport material, supply chain management, handling and recycling. PallRun® is the best solution for air freight, where every kilogram of a pallet unit is very expensive. It is ISPM-15 compliant and needs no treatment.


 Pallet solution – PallRun®

PallRuns® are produced from 100%-recyclable carton material and can replace wooden or plastic pallets. They  are available in various dimensions and load capacities.

pallrun eltete

PallRun® is also available with a self-adhesive surface for easier fastening, removing the need for glue.

It can also be used as a component for paper or honeycomb pallets.

PallRun® + Honeycomb board = paper pallet

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Advantages of using PallRun®

  • Savings
  • Light weight of PallRun® = savings of freight costs mainly in air freight
  • Recycling costs can be reduced
  • Lower purchasing costs of PallRun® than wooden pallets
  • Minimum space required for storage and transport
  • Easy handling
  • You can very quickly make a simple pallet unit for handling – just attach the PallRun® under any box or display
  • Contains no nails and produces no splinters – user-friendly
  • PallRuns® are very strong and moisture-resistant
  • Hygienic and recyclable
  • 100%-recyclable carton board
  • PallRuns® can be recycled together with boxes and displays
  • Using PallRuns® gives good company image
  • ISPM 15-compliant

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