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Use Slip Sheets to improve your company image

The Slip Sheets made by Eltete TPM can improve your company image.  Eltete TPM is no. 1 in the production of Slip Sheets in Europe thanks to decades of experiences. We are ready to show you how the use of Slip Sheets can improve your company image. Slip Sheets Slip Sheets are made from Kraftliner...

Slip Sheet and wooden pallet

Comparison of pallet and palletless handling – part 2

The article below focuses on passive logistic elements. The passive elements are units and pieces that can be handled and stored. ELTETE TPM wants to stop people thinking about only using wooden or plastic pallets as the passive elements. These elements can be Slip Sheets. Wooden pallets Wooden pallets are the most common elements for...

Savings on transportation

Savings with Slip Sheets on transportation

Palletless handling Eltete TPM offers different pallet solutions for you needs. The company offers krafliner Slip Sheets for palletless handling. The goods are loaded onto Slip Sheets and manipulated by a specially-developed Push-Pull attachment. The Push-Pull can be easily attached to any forklift truck. Check the video demonstration below. Comparison between Wooden pallet and Slip...


Slip Sheets Save our Forests and Reduce exhausts

Case Study: A corporate company transports 80 truckloads per month. One truck is fully loaded with 66 pallets. According to Easy Calculation, this company transports eight trucks full of wooden pallets every month. That’s 96 per year. On average, one truck can pollute the environment by 0.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. The company could...