Slip Sheet – basic information

slip sheets

A Slip Sheet is a thin sheet that replaces the standard wooden pallet.

They are made from laminated kraftliner, which is a waterproof type of paper. This paper is then repeatedly layered and laminated until it creates the finished product. This repeated lamination of strong multi-ply kraftliner boards makes Eltete Slip Sheets extremely tear and moisture resistant. Slip sheets are a key part of palletless technology, and are one of the best savings solutions for businesses that rely on transporting goods via containers and trucks.slip-sheet-eltete-tpm-2


The dimensions of a slip sheet varies based on the customer’s needs. We can produce any dimension of Slip Sheet required. The standard dimension is the same as a typical wooden pallet (1200x800mm or 1200x1000mm) plus the space taken up by the channelings, which add a 75mm width. The full surface of the slip sheet can be divided into two functional categories: the parts designed for carrying, and the parts designed for manipulation. The carrying portion speaks for itself. It’s where the goods are loaded and held in place for the remainder of their journey.

The parts for manipulation, however, require a little more explanation. We talked earlier about how each board has an addition called channelings. These channelings are designed specifically to offer the gripping point necessary for a forklift to grab onto and keep the cargo secure while moving. By utilizing a new attachment called the Push-Pull attachment, forklifts are able to get a secure grip on the cargo by slipping the tines beneath the board, and then having the attachment essentially bite down on the channeling, thus ensuring that the cargo is secure as the hydraulic aspect pulls the package smoothly onto the tines. Once the cargo has been loaded or unloaded successfully, the hydraulics in the attachment slide the slip sheet off the tines and let go of the channeling. It’s really that easy. As an added feature, there are generally two channelings included to ensure multiple angles of manipulation, just in case.

The coating of Slip Sheets.

Slip Sheets are made from wet-strengthened laminated paper called kraftliner. Kraftliner board consist of many plyes of kraftliner paper, which are laminated to form one piece. This technology increases tensile strength and ensures the product is waterproof, which makes it so that slip sheets can be used in any climate without fear of warping or change.

The surface of slip sheets can be covered with an anti-slip layer, which is put on the loading part of slip sheet. This anti-slip layer increases the stability of goods on the slip sheet, and as the name implies, insures they don’t slide around during shipping.

Slip Sheets that are used in extremely wet and humid environments can be covered a layer of PE plastic covering. This helps add another layer of defense against moisture.