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PallRun® made by Eltete

Eltete TPM Ltd provides its customers with environmentally-friendly and cost-effective transport solutions. PallRun® is a transport and packaging element from Eltete TPM Ltd, which helps decrease transport and purchasing costs. Using of PullRun® can easily and quickly reduce costs for packaging and transport material, supply chain management, handling and recycling. PallRun® is the best solution for...


Eltete TPM presents other pallets solutions

Eltete TPM is global carton board refiner The website and project Slip Sheet Eltete concern Slip Sheets and their handling. However, Eltete TPM would also like to present other pallet solutions. Eltete TPM packaging and pallet solutions are well-known for their high quality and strength. Our solutions are user-friendly, 100% recyclable and accepted anywhere in...