Why should to use Slip Sheets?

Stacionary pallet changer

Palletless or slip sheet handling

Palletless handling uses the advantages of Slip Sheets and a Push-Pull attachment to handle goods without wooden pallets. An Eltete Slip Sheet is thin sheet made of laminated kraftliner. The average thickness of slip sheets is 0.8 mm. Slip Sheets are handled by a Push-Pull attachment (see the principle of slip sheet handling below). The Push-Pull attachment can be easily added to a forklift truck.

Our customer using slip sheets handling

Advantages of palletless handling

1st The weight

A Slip Sheet weighs just 650 gr/m2. A wooden pallet weighs 12 kg/m2.Therefore you can load more goods on slip sheets into the truck or container. Normally companies load 30 (360 kg) or 60 (720kg) wooden pallets into truck or container but, thanks to palletless handling, you can replace wooden pallets with Slip Sheets and load 360 kg or 600 kg more goods.

2nd The volume

A Slip Sheet has a thickness of 0.8 mm. A wooden pallet has a thickness of 120 mm. Therefore you can load more goods into the truck or container. You save almost 240 mm/m2 if you double-stack the goods. Don’t transport wood or air and start transporting your goods more efficiently.

Slip Sheet and wooden pallet

3rd The loading

Thanks to the palletless or slip sheet handling, you can load a full container in the same time as you would take to load it on wooden pallets.

Palletless handling

4th Slip sheets do not have to be fumigated

Slip Sheets are produced in a dry process, so do not have to be fumigated.