Savings with Slip Sheets on transportation

Palletless handling

Eltete TPM offers different pallet solutions for you needs. The company offers krafliner Slip Sheets for palletless handling. The goods are loaded onto Slip Sheets and manipulated by a specially-developed Push-Pull attachment. The Push-Pull can be easily attached to any forklift truck. Check the video demonstration below.

Comparison between Wooden pallet and Slip Sheet

Wooden pallets

The Wooden pallet is sized in the classical EUR dimensions of 1,200x800x144 mm (length X width X thickness). It takes up 1 m2 and has a weight of 12 kg. If a company loads a full truck (66 pallets),  wooden pallets occupy a volume of 9,5 m3 and have a weight of 800 kg.

One-way pallet

Slip Sheets

A Slip Sheet in same size 1200+75 x 800+75 x 0.8 mm (length X width X thickness) weighs about 0.5 kg. If a company loads a full truck of 66 pallets, the Slip Sheets occupy a volume of 0,04 m3 and weigh 33 kg.


Begin transporting goods, not wood

Savings on transportation

Savings on transportation

Cost of a pallet or sheet

The cost of one wooden pallet can be anything from €5.60 up to €10, and is influenced by factors such as thermal treatment, load capacity, type of pallet, hygiene and so on. The cost of a Slip Sheet is usually about eight times lower than that of a wooden pallet.

Save on the weight and space of a wooden pallet

Generally, wooden pallets occupy 1/8 of the loading capacity in a truck. Your company can fill this space with its products and reduce the number of trucks it has to use. If your company uses only wooden pallets, roughly speaking this means the every eighth one leaves taking only wooden pallets.


Slip Sheets are definitely more ecological than wooden pallets. Thanks to Slip Sheets, you can reduce the number of trucks that you use, thus reducing air pollution and the number of trees felled in the forest.

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