Comparison of pallet and palletless handling – part 1

easy handling in warehouse in Scotland

The main goal in logistics is the quick, effective and safe flow of material. The supply chain begins with the movement of raw material to production and ends with the delivery of the newly produced product to the final customer. The material flow from production to the final customers comprises  ACTIVE and PASSIVE elements.

Active elements: The main task of the active elements is to handle the passive elements. The active elements consist of handling equipment, trucks, packaging lines, etc.

Passive elements: The passive elements are all the handled units. A handled unit consists of  packaging material, wooden pallet or Slip Sheet, stretch film and another packaging components.

Handling elements for pallets handling

The basic handling elements are diesel or electric forklift trucks. Nowadays, manual pallet trucks are also in widespread use.

The basic handling elements:

  1. Electric forklift trucks
  2. Powered pallet trucks
  3. Manual pallet trucks

Source: Toyota-Forklifts

Handling with wooden or plastic pallets:

  • The goods are loaded onto the wooden pallet, then wrapped in stretch film and secured with straps.
  • The forks of the forklift are placed between the pallet feet (pallets can be 2- or 4-way)
  • The forklift picks up the pallet and moves it to the warehouse or onto a truck.

One-way pallet

Handling elements for Slip Sheet handling

The Push Pull attachment and RollerForks® must be used for Slip Sheet handling. The advantage is that companies do not need to change their current forklifts if they want to use Slip Sheets. The Push Pull attachment and RollerForks® can be easily added to standard forklift trucks.

slip sheets

Push Pull attachment:

The Push Pull attachment was developed to handle Slip Sheets and can be easily attached to any standard forklift.

Slip sheet handling

RollerForks® attachment:

The RollerForks® attachment replaces the classic fork carriage. The greatest advantage is that RollerForks® can handle both Slip Sheets and wooden pallets.

RollerForks MSE

Handling with Slip Sheets:

  • The goods are put onto Slip Sheets and wrapped in stretch film
  • The faceplate of Push Pull attachment grips the Slip Sheet and pulls it onto the flat stable forks.
  • The Push Pull attachment picks up the Slip Sheet with goods and moves it to the warehouse or onto a truck.

Slip Sheet UK