History of Slip Sheets

Why do I need Slip Sheets?

A Slip Sheet is thin pallet-sized sheet made of multi-laminated kraftliner. Slip Sheets replace wooden pallet. The transportation of goods on slip sheets creates more room for your products and reduces the weight of your load allowing you to save on transport costs.

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History of Slip Sheets

The first use of slip sheet technology was in the 1940s in the USA. Slip Sheets were used to transport tinned fruit. The purpose of using Slip Sheets was to reduce the space needed for storage over a long- term period.

Slip Sheet became more popular at the end 20th century, especially in the USA. The biggest advantages of Slip Sheet – price, thickness and weight – tempted companies to transport their products on Slip Sheets. One of the first companies to use slip sheets was Apple for its MacBooks. Apple saved millions of dollars when transporting overseas, and was able to load about 15% more  computers into the container.

Now Slip Sheets are used in several applications. The benefits of Slip Sheets are well-known and the biggest companies in the world export their goods on Slip Sheets.

Eltete TPM was the first company to introduce Slip Sheets into Europe. Eltete TPM produces high-quality multi-laminated kraftliner Slip Sheets from rigorously selected raw materials, which have a long fibre structure and are therefore tear- and humidity-resistant.

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