Plastic slip sheet vs Kraft slip sheets with PE coating

Plastic Slip Sheets

Generally, slip sheets are a cost-saving replacement for wooden pallets. A slip sheet is a thick pallet-sized sheet, which is manipulated by Push-Pull attachment. A slip sheet can be made of corrugated cardboard, kraftliner or plastic. Generally speaking, corrugated cardboard slip sheets are not tear-resistant and lose their quality in a humid environment. Kraftliner slip sheets are tear-resistant, work perfectly in a humid environment and can be enhanced with a PE coating to have better water-resistance. Plastic slip sheets work as well as kraftliner slip sheets, but are much more expensive.

Plastic Slip Sheets

Plastic slip sheets

Plastic slip sheets are made of recycled polyethylene resin. They are 100% recyclable and offer a variety of surface textures. They are used in wet-conditions and in freezer and refrigerated environments.


Kraftliner slip sheets

Eltete TPM offers high-quality kraftliner slip sheets. Eltete slip sheets are made from multiple plies and strong kraftliner board. They are multi-laminated so have the same qualities as plastic slip sheets. They are tear-resistant and have a high tensile (pull) strength even in very wet conditions. Eltete TPM also offers additional PE coating of 15 gr/m2 on one or both sizes. The PE coating enhances the water-resistance of the slip sheet.

Eltete TPM can offer an adequate alternative to plastic slip sheets used in demanding environments such as in freezers and fridges.   

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