Slip Sheet handling as a green technology

Slip Sheet as green technology

Slip Sheets protect our environment

A Slip Sheet is a thin pallet-sized sheet made of laminated kraftliner (thickness is 0,8mm). The Slip Sheet is normally used to replace a wooden pallet. Slip sheet or palletless handling has several advantages.  Slip Sheets reduce the purchasing cost of pallets by 80% in comparison with wooden pallets. Slip Sheets also reduce the number of transport trucks or containers by 17%. Slip Sheets handling can also be called green technology. The paragraph below shows the influence of Slip Sheets on the reduction of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions in truck transportation. Carbon dioxide causes global warming and other adverse effects. Pollution from CO2 has increased by 60%  since 1990.


Case study: Slip Sheets reduce carbon dioxide emissions

British company XXX from London exported goods on wooden pallets. It transported 10 trucks per month to Berlin (Germany). After introducing Slip Sheets, it was able to load the same volume of goods into 8 trucks. The company saved the freight cost and reduced the pollution caused by transport.

Truck with slip sheets

Emissions from the trucks in numbers

Distance from London to Berlin: 1,100 km

Average consumption of truck: 30l/100 km

CO2 from 1l of diesel oil: 2.68 kilograms CO2

Company XXX transported 2 trucks per month (24 trucks per year). Two trucks driven from London to Berlin pollute the environment by 1.77 tonnes of CO2. See the formula below

Number of trucks x Consumption (l/km) x Distance (km) x CO2 from 1 l of oil (kg)

2 trucks x 30l/100km x 1,100km x 2.68 kg/l = 1768,8 kg of CO2 = 1.77 tonnes of CO2

Company XXX used to pollute the environment by 42.48 tonnes of CO2 every year. After introducing Slip Sheets, it saved 80% from the cost of wooden pallets and helped the environment by reducing of its CO2 emissions.