Specifications for kraftliner Slip Sheets

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Eltete TPM has developed high-quality kraftliner Slip Sheets. The production and testing of our Slip Sheets monitor several important factors such as tensile strength, tear resistance, moisture content and moisture resistance.

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Tensile strength

The Slip Sheet´s channeling or tab is gripped by the gripper of the Push-Pull attachment and the load is pulled onto the forks of the attachment. The Slip Sheet must have adequate tensile strength to carry the load during manipulation. The tensile strength is also influenced by other factors such as moisture content. Generally, tearing is caused by overloaded or wet Slip Sheets, so Eltete TPM offers moisture-resistant Slip Sheets. A Slip Sheet can be designed for a specific weight (load). Important considerations for a  minimum Slip Sheet specification for material handling are:

  1. Weight of the unit load to be handled
  2. The type product being unitised
  3. Stability of the unit load
  4. How the Slip Sheet will be warehoused (with or without wooden pallets)
  5. How the unit load will be shipped.

Tensile strength is determined in two directions (cross direction and machine direction). Our team for Eltete Slip Sheets will be happy to provide you with specifications of our Slip Sheets.

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Tear resistance

Generally, tears start in the channeling areas. Tears can be caused by wrong manipulation (the gripper does not grip the whole channeling) and by low tensile strength. Eltete Slip Sheets are manufactured with extra tensile strength to avoid any tears.

Moisture content

The quality of Slip Sheets is affected by moisture content. The Slip Sheet can easily tear if it is too wet or dry.  The quality of corrugated Slip Sheets is easily influenced by moisture. Eltete Slip Sheets are multi-laminated, so moisture-resistance is high and the quality of krafliner Slip Sheets is not easily influenced by moisture.

Moisture resistance

Much material handling is done in relatively moist conditions. These include frozen food storage and shipment, refrigerated shipments, export shipments, high humidity, wet floors and so on.  Eltete Slip Sheets are treated/produced to resist moisture in such conditions. The multi-lamination process decrease and cover possible caliper, the layers of virgin krafliner are almost independent of each other, so our Slip Sheets cannot become saturated.

Source: materials handling handbook