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Walles and slip sheets

Slip Sheets do not have to be fumigated as wooden pallets do

The article below explains the difference between two terms: a) the fumigation and b) the heat treatment of pallets. Lots of people confuse these terms and now we will try to explain to you the difference between them. IPPC – International Plant Protection Convention Why do we need to treat wooden pallets? We care about...

Slip Sheet UK

History of Slip Sheets

Why do I need Slip Sheets? A Slip Sheet is thin pallet-sized sheet made of multi-laminated kraftliner. Slip Sheets replace wooden pallet. The transportation of goods on slip sheets creates more room for your products and reduces the weight of your load allowing you to save on transport costs. History of Slip Sheets The first...


Eltete TPM presents other pallets solutions

Eltete TPM is global carton board refiner The website and project Slip Sheet Eltete concern Slip Sheets and their handling. However, Eltete TPM would also like to present other pallet solutions. Eltete TPM packaging and pallet solutions are well-known for their high quality and strength. Our solutions are user-friendly, 100% recyclable and accepted anywhere in...

slip sheets manipulation by Push Pull

Advantages of Palletless handling

Palletless or slip sheet handling Palletless handling uses the advantages of Slip Sheets and a Push-Pull attachment to handle goods without wooden pallets. An Eltete Slip Sheet is thin sheet made of laminated kraftliner. The average thickness of slip sheets is 0.8 mm. Slip Sheets are handled by a Push-Pull attachment (see the principle of...

easy handling in warehouse in Scotland

Case Study: Palletless Handling

A New Possibility for Your Supply Chain Palletless handling, or slip sheet handling, shifts goods without wooden pallets. The wooden pallet is replaced by Slip Sheet. The Slip Sheet is a thin sheet made of wet-strengthened, high-quality kraftliner. The slip sheet is also known as a transfer sheet, divider sheet or tear sheet. The slip...

Slip Sheet as green technology

Slip Sheet handling as a green technology

Slip Sheets protect our environment A Slip Sheet is a thin pallet-sized sheet made of laminated kraftliner (thickness is 0,8mm). The Slip Sheet is normally used to replace a wooden pallet. Slip sheet or palletless handling has several advantages.  Slip Sheets reduce the purchasing cost of pallets by 80% in comparison with wooden pallets. Slip...


Slip Sheets Save our Forests and Reduce exhausts

Case Study: A corporate company transports 80 truckloads per month. One truck is fully loaded with 66 pallets. According to Easy Calculation, this company transports eight trucks full of wooden pallets every month. That’s 96 per year. On average, one truck can pollute the environment by 0.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. The company could...

RollerForks MSE

The RollerForks Attachment is a Mechanical Attachment for Palletless Handling

The RollerForks system has two layers of rollers, one on top of the other. All lower rollers must to be in touch with the floor. The forks move under the goods and the lower rollers start rotating in the same direction (Blue arrow). The upper rollers start rotating at the same speed in the opposite...